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Regulators and Flowmeters

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Economy Flowmeter Regulators
MD Argon/nitrogen regulator, 0-150 PSIG
Argon/CO2/Helium flowmeter regulator, 30 PSIG
HD LP regulator, 0-50 PSIG
HD Argon/CO2 flowmeter, 80 PSIG
MD Acetylene regulator, 0-15 PSIG
Two stage oxygen regulator, 0-125 PSIG
CO2 flowmeter regulator w/heat exchanger
HD Oxygen regulator, 0-175 PSIG
HD Oxygen station regulator 0-175 PSIG
Argon/CO2 flowmeter regulator, 80 PSIG
Economy Flowmeter Regulators
HD Acetylene regulator, 0-15 PSIG
HD Nitrogen regulator, 0-275 PSIG
Two stage acetylene regulator, 0-15 PSIG
Single stage oxy/acetylene Regulator Twin Pack
MD Acetylene regulator, 0-15 PSIG
HD Argon/CO2/Helium flowmeter, 30 PSIG
Flow Gauge Argon regulator, 50 SCFH
Standard Duty Flowmeters
High Purity Analytical Single Stage Brass Line Regulator, 50 psig
Two stage inert regulator, 0-50 PSIG
Little Torchâ„¢ with Regulators Outfit, CGA 520
MD Oxygen regulator, 0-20 PSIG
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